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28 October 2014

Chickens coming home to roost

So the bully site hasn’t been updated since June apparently. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t going on. In May Rick Carufel (see previous news item) filed a motion to subpoena the bully site owner’s registration information. (Screenshot.) (He was begging for charity to help fund this case, even going so far as to use fake names to hide his own stinky rep in this matter.) His aim appears to be either to get proof that Melissa Douthit does own the bully site, or to prove she registered it using a fake name, which at the very least can get the domain name registration cancelled. If a false name and details has been provided to Paypal, there may be other comeback. Much to this blog’s surprise, Carufel’s request has been granted, a subpoena was served, and the bully site’s host (changed again) will provide the information after November 14. We wait with bated breath, of course. (Carufel hasn’t thought about what he’ll do if Douthit has used a fake name, but he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.)

But there’s more! It’s hardly surprising that a badly behaviour author running a publishing house who sued a blogger to suppress criticism, should have been so crass as to thank STGRB for ‘revealing and stopping cyberbullies’ on their business’s official promotional acccount. Actually, it is surprising, since that author and publishing house owner then claimed not to know what the bully site was (despite the fact that they would have to have been living under a rock at the bottom of the Himalayas to be that ignorant.) And it’s also surprising EC should thank that site since individuals highly—one might even say, suspiciously—supportive of Ellora’s cave have been operating a sockpuppet account attempting to doxx and intimidate parties and potential witnesses to the EC suit, and someone has been in email contact with Ms Litte’s house of employment in an apparent attempt to intimidate her. (There is much worse going on, I hear, which can’t be made public as yet.) (Also note that EC’s co-owner strenuously denied they were behind the emails, then deleted the tweets denying they were behind the emails!) Surprising because judges tend to look very askance at witness intimidation and EC is already struggling with its non-existent grounds for a restraining order.

Now, if EC isn’t behind this nonsense, one wonders who else likes to doxx people she doesn’t like (like Jane Litte) and use sockpuppets to sound like lots of people agree with her? Hmmm, who could it be?

Anyway, EC’s ill-judged tweet on the bully site brought sound condemnation, and while Ms Jaid Black may think she’ll win the favour of people like Anne Rice by cosying up to this (apparently now defunct) bully site, (a) Ms Rice doesn’t write for her and (b) hasn’t done her any favours among the authors and reviewers upon whom her business depends.

We hope that Ellora’s Cave and Melissa Douthit get precisely what they deserve from all this legal activity.


3 October 2013

The bullies find a thug that even they can’t stomach, and Goodreads shits the bed

As noted in some quarters, this site has not been updated for a while. This was deliberate, as it was clear that Melissa Douthit and her cronies were jerking off madly to all the renewed attention they were unwisely given at the beginning of the year, and getting more and more outrageous in the hope of gaining more of their preferred drug.

Also, we were getting bored with their antics. Unlike that crew, some of us had things to do that didn’t involve destroying other people’s privacy. And in the meantime, other reporters of the nonsense have emerged to mock and call to account, with admirable humour.

However, in light of recent events, it’s worth dropping a few links, mentioning the highlights, before preparing for hibernation.

In August, Lauren Howard (now Lauren Pippa) claimed she had received threats of rape and violence over her new book at Goodreads. This was of course, gleefully taken up with all the usual attention to truth and fact by Douthit and co, and unfortunately Salon (who should know better) and Nathan Bransford, who definitely does. However (quelle surprise) Miss Howard/Pippa was grossly exaggerating the situation (at the most charitable interpretation) or possibly telling monstrous lies, and eventually had to backpeddle fast enough to generate actual kilowatts. This backtracking naturally made no difference to Douthit, except that she then doxxed Howard/Pippa in revenge for embarassing her (as if!)

This is far from the only time that Douthit has turned on someone she has formerly championed, but the biggest backstabbing was yet to come. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

What happened next (if one ignores the usual BBA whining) was that Goodreads lost its goddamn mind and caved completely to the garbage complaints by Douthit and her hundreds of sockpuppets. Real readers raged and cried, Goodreads were slammed in multiple directions (forcing an official apology on the site and in email) and Douthit orgasmed like Jane Fonda in Barbarella. However, this ‘success’ has had some unpleasant consequences for the bully site. First of all, it made their activities better known and despised than before, with several people kind enough to direct enquirers to this site for an overview of who’s doing what and to whom. Secondly, it forced a mass migration of power users to Booklikes. At first, it looked as if Douthit and her minions might succeed in bending the CEO of Booklikes to their heinous will, but Dawid Piaskowski is made of sterner stuff than the CEO of Goodreads. It took him very little time to investigate the bully site after concerns were raised, and he then firmly disavowed any afiiliation or support for the site in his official statement.

Additionally, it looks as if the bullies have really pissed off Piaskowski by targeting his new users (see comments on that link).  Douthit has made two PR boobs now. But it gets worse.

Because users are no longer allowed to shelve badly behaving authors as they wish, they are deleting the shelves and simply rating books by those authors 1 star. Cue rage from the bully squad as they see their ratings going through the floor (sob.) Now they are trying to force Goodreads to remove the ability to 1 star books at all (at least, their books.) Good luck with that, Melissa.

And finally, intoxicated with the heady wine of attention, Rick Carufel (who is a new so-called victim we haven’t added to our list because, to be honest, the guy is so dangerous and deranged, it’s hard to know what to do with him or say about him) who is obsessed with ‘cyber terrorists’, ‘criminals’ and ‘stalkers’ (those would be people who follow links to his blog, or rate his books, by the way) went too far even for Melissa Douthit. He started soliciting hackers to find personal information about GR users, and trolled the GR feedback thread about the new, disastrous policy, until he was banned, and Douthit was forced to disavow him. Not only that, he’s been retconned out of existence on the bully site, probably because with all the misguided press attention the site was getting, Carufel wasn’t a good look for them.

That’s right. The woman who mocks the disabled, domestic violence victims, and the mentally ill, doxxes women, insults mothers and attacks minors, encourages stalking, promotes the most hateful libel against anyone who is perceived to even be thinking about agreeing with someone Douthit has a grudge against, whose known favourites include a man who stalks teens and another who is a soccer hooligan, thinks Carufel makes her look bad.

She’s under the delusion anyone could think worse of her than they do.

So what next for the bullies? Does anyone care? Their ‘victory’ at Goodreads is biting them on the ass big time, and every time anyone pays any attention to them, it reveals just how crazy and evil they are. And so it will continue because there is an endless supply of butthurt in the world, and people who can exploit it for their own (butthurt) ends.


10 April 2013

The bully site takes its harassment to the workplace, is told to set its hair on fire

This blogger has many better things to do than to document every single idiocy perpetrated by Melissa Douthit and her deluded friends, but a recent development is both disturbing and much more dangerous than even their previous efforts to put women in harm’s way. This time, they’re trying to have a school teacher sacked for the crime of being insufficiently deferential to males on the internet.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so appalling – a charmless (and by all accounts, talentless) individual called Lloyd Lofthouse takes up cudgels on behalf of another author over a critical review. (More background here.) Lofthouse blogs about the incredible injustice of it all, and then uses the IP address of commenters to stalk them. (Which he’s quite proud of, in fact.) One of the people he tracks down is a school teacher who comments at Amazon as ‘Anna Karenina’ and under a different name at Goodreads, though she reviews at neither site. He called her school and tried to make something of the fact she used the school’s ISP to comment on his blog (shocking!) but they were utterly uninterested in his sordid efforts to cause trouble.

This was in February. Now suddenly the bully site claims that one Rosa Lee Bennon (who has no existence outside their post so far as the internet is concerned), who they say is connected with an anti-bullying site set up by Kate Gosselin, also, quite independently (yes, of course), complained to Anna Karenina’s school about her participation at Amazon and Goodreads, stating they believed she was ‘sociopathic’ and ‘unstable’ (no evidence provided.) The school administrator quite properly told Melissa Douhit Bennon to go piss up a rope, and Douthit Bennon went squealing to herself Douthit’s site to complain that Mommy wouldn’t stop Anna from hitting them back. The school even went so far as to (gasp!) point out that Anna was violating no law or rules, and that the school had to respect her privacy and First Amendment rights. Can’t have that, can we? The bully site, on the basis that the adminstrator replying to them had heard of Amazon buying Goodreads, naturally assumed that the administrator, far from exercising commendable restraint in not calling in the police to deal with this nonsense, was one of Anna’s co-conspirators. Because the fact that normal people seeing the activities of those involved at can tell exactly what kind of demented nastiness they’re dealing with, is beyond the limits of Melissa Douthit and her cronies’ imaginations.

To add to the surreal air, serial Anna K stalker, Dougie Brimson, is highly agitated about the possibility that Anna could be wasting student’s time or even neglecting them. Since Brimson is (a) not American (b) has no children in Anna’s school, state or country and (c) in fact has no children at all, it’s difficult to know what exactly he’s bothered about. But Brimson is the kind of mental giant who thinks that two people using colours in their screen names means they are the same individual*, so perhaps his years as a soccer hooligan have left him with chronic brain damage and decline in cognitive function.

Or perhaps he’s just a sorry sack of shit who likes hurting and harassing women because he can, like his friends at the bully site, and his newest comrade in fuckery, Lloyd Lofthouse.

In any event, this site wishes Anna Karenia well, and strongly supports and commends her employer for taking such a firm stand in the face of such blatant bullying.


*In any event, even if Anna is sockpuppeting (which to our knowledge, she is not), since the bully site is delighted to host the dribblings of “Goronwy”, who post as “G. Faso” on Amazon, and “A(nnabeth) Hole” on Goodreads (all separate from her author pen name), Brimson and his friends shouldn’t have any problem with the idea of different names on different sites.)


15 January 2013

Bully site loses hosting, Melissa Douthit really does run it, and wants us to pay for her to sue everyone

The year started with apparent good news – was down. Speculation raged as to why – was it Anonymous, had the domain been sold, or had Godaddy suspended it for misbehaviour? – while a few days later, a holding page for the domain appeared on The proxy registration had also reverted to the false details originally used at Godaddy.

The real reason was mundane. Melissa Douthit had repeatedly ignored a DMCA request and so Godaddy was under a legal obligation to remove the site from its hosting. She also lost the proxy registration at the same time, and access to the site database.

Of course, as soon as the site was up on the new hosting, the lies began. Douthit claimed she had been thinking of moving hosts for a while and that “we had two options: port our old site to the new hosting or build a new site from scratch.” Why build a site from scratch? Bugs in the theme of course. That’s the way professionals change the appearance of their WordPress site – they dump the old database as well as the theme, and try and recreate everything from old emails. Not.

This makes as much sense as someone deciding to move house because the paintwork is the wrong colour, and decamping to a new address leaving all their belongings in the old one.

In other news, a number of people have reported that their IP address has been banned both from and Melissa Douthit’s personal site, In one case, the bannee had never had the smallest contact with Douthit before, conclusively proving that Melissa Douthit has access to IP addresses from site hits on The denials of her involvement are now utterly ridiculous.

Douthit is also soliciting donations to help authors “to hire IP attorneys”. There is a Paypal donation button on the site now. The only problem with that is, as one reader discovered, “The paypal account is using the STGRB’s primary email address (the one from Gmail) and the paypal account is also listed to an Athena Parker.” ‘Athena Parker’ is by the site’s admission, a fake name. It will be interesting to know what the American Internal Revenue Service, not to mention Paypal itself, have to say about this. Between this and Douthit lying about the WHOIS information of the site, she could be in for a world of legal trouble.