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These are some of the many authors, bloggers and reviewers who have spoken out against “Stop the GR Bullies”

Ray Garton: “Stop the GR Bullies: Get Over Yourselves”

Ray Garton: We might not like bad reviews, but some of them hold treasures for writers.  You won’t learn a damned thing from praise.  It’s a wonderful thing to receive, but it doesn’t make you a better writer.  The only thing that’ll do that is acknowledging our weaknesses, and then working to strengthen them.  The only way we can do that is to become aware of them, and it’s very rare for a writer to see those weaknesses himself.  A good negative review can help a writer do that.

Allison M Dickson: “There Are No GR Bullies, Only Whiny Authors”

John Scalzi: “Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, and So Should You”

MJ at YAL Book Briefs blog: “Stop GR Bully Site: Wake Up Call, Books Aren’t People”

Robin/Janet at Dear Author: “Something is very wrong with us, and it’s not bad reviews”

Jessica Scott: “Thoughts on Stop The GR Bullies”

Inverarity at Bookish: “Saturday Book Discussion: We Are All Bullies “

Sparky at Fangs for the Fantasy: “Stop the GR Bullies: Defending the Indefensible “Save the Pearls”

Sparky at Fangs for the Fantasy: “Stop the GR Bullies: Stalking, Tantrums and Bullying”

Holly at The Book Binge: “Stop the GR Bullies” aka WTF is Wrong with People?

Sugar at Sugar & Snark: “I have now read every single post I could find on this matter, and followed all the conversations on Goodreads. This is what I want to say: your site disgusts me. And no, this is not bullying because I am stating my opinion about something, not slandering all those who are personally involved.”

L M Pruitt: “Reporting Thursday: Stop the GR Bullies “

Jennifer at the Bawdy Book Blog: “IMO: Bully Me and I’ll Bully You, Because That Makes It Right. Logic, I Has It.”

Jennifer Armintrout: “Look, here’s the thing. I don’t want to be known as an “angry” blogger. But everyone keeps pissing me off.
Like these jack-offs at Stop The GR Bullies.”

Sarah Wendell at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: “I keep thinking that someday we’re going to be over the “Reviewers are mean bullies!” thing, or the whole “You didn’t say nice things so I’m going to say mean things about YOU” thing”

Rose Summers: “Soapbox Saturday #3: Critique, Social Media Interaction, and Bullying: A Reflection”

Amber Lin: “The More Things Change… or, My Letter to the Huffington Post”

KarlynPSTGRB: A New McCarthy Era Hits Romancelandia

Anime June“In All Seriousness…Let’s talk about negative reviews. And authors’ reactions to negative reviews.”

Anime June: “This little post is in response to a recent scandal involving a way-cray-cray website created by a spiteful writer in order to revenge herself anonymously upon snarky reviewers by stalking them, going so far as to post their addresses and personal information online.”

Foz Meadows: “Run by four concerned ‘readers and bloggers’ writing anonymously under the handles Athena, Peter Pan, Johnny Be Good and Stitch, the site thus far seems bent on punishing the creators of snide, snarky and negative book reviews by posting their handles, real names, locations and photos in one place, together with a warning about their supposed ‘level of toxicity’ and some (ironically) snide, snarky and negative commentary about them as people.”

Foz Meadows: “Evidently riled up by information on the Stop the GR Bullies website (which I’ve blogged about here), author James Austen took to Twitter to call blogger Kat Kennedy a loser and a retard. “

Foz Meadows: “When I first became aware of the Stop the GR Bullies website, I blogged in some detail about why I thought it was a bad idea. Now that the site has been live for slightly more than a fortnight, my position on the matter has only strengthened”

Nandanie Phalgoo: “I am tired of this. The drama, people! We all love GR, the site where we can express ourselves, our thoughts, our feelings, our opinions.Then why are we having all of this drama? Because a normal lady decided to give her rightful opinion on a book?”

Stacia Kane: “I honestly don’t even know where to begin, or what to say. I find myself growing more and more disturbed by things I’m seeing lately, on an almost daily basis. Like, to the point where I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps writers and readers simply should not interact with each other at all.”

Montilee Stormer“Bullying – It’s not Just for Insecure Brats Anymore”

lilitu93 in Stupid is as Stupid does: “Off-LJ author wank: All is Vanity”

Carolyn Crane: “How to stop the GR bullies – some handy buttons for authors!”

Mistress Minerva: Stop the STGRB Bullies – A site dedicated to exposing and mocking the original site

Ann Somerville: A number of posts by Ann Somerville discussing and exposing the activities of the site

Bookish Brunette: “Thinking Too Hard: Panties Twisted- Bloggers, Authors & Bullies (Part 2)”

Sonoma LassSelf-Expression vs. Bullying: Wading into the Fray

Carolyn Jewel: Speaking Up and Out

Carolyn Jewel: A Modest Proposal

Terri Giuliano Long: Earlier in the month I posted “Review Wars: Why Be Caught in the Drama?” Little did I know that just days later a brand new drama would unfold as I learned about Stop the Goodreads Bullies, a site aiming to “out” “bully reviewers” in the most cowardly – and dangerous – of ways. I’m incensed by their approach, not least of all because it could endanger reviewers, but also because their actions make it even more difficult to have a frank and open discussion about bad behavior – from authors and reviewers.

Lori at Two Old Farts Talking Romance: The stop the bullies site is scary ass scary since they’re posting personal information of the mean girls, real names, photos, where they work, places they go. I mean, are they begging someone to cause harm? Is this legal? It isn’t ethical. It isn’t right. And it’s so woman-hating as to be absolutely scary.

Walkwithheroes: The site is posting personal information about the “bullies”. So, aren’t they being bullies and harassing these people? I’ve read many of the so-called “bullies” reviews, and while some are rude, most are well thought out and simply their opinions. Mostly, it seems like a bunch of people (or three)saw some of their favorite authors/novels getting one and two star reviews and decided to bully and harass the more popular reviewers who are giving the one and two stars.

Mandy B. at the Well Read Wife: This site targeted bloggers who they considered bully reviewers and published a rehash of the bloggers actions. For the most part the actions Stop The GoodReads Bullies found so deplorable were snarky or harsh comments or reviews by bloggers on GoodReads about books. *gasp* So how did the site deal with this? By publishing personal info about at least two of the bloggers in question. They even published in one case local restaurants a blogger likes to hang out at effectively putting a target on the blogger’s back in public.

Michaela Grey: There is a repulsive website whose sole purpose for existence is to “protect” those poor authors who can’t handle a bad/sarcastic/meanypants review of their book, whether on GoodReads or Amazon.  (I will not link to their site – the last thing I want is more traffic to them.  If you must find them, feel free to Google ’em.)

Missy LaRae: I support GR Reviewers and their Bad Reviews. Does this make me insane? I’m reminded of “Signs” with Mel Gibson (before he went all crazy) where he’s running around his house screaming, “I’m insane with anger!” He’s doing it in a particularly non violent way. I wonder what he would have done if he’d actually caught up with the aliens? He probably would have shrank back and ran into his corn field like a sissy.

Celia Hayes: But handful of Goodreads reviewers who have have been colorfully blunt in expressing their opinion of particular books now are classed as bullies? And that a handful of aggrieved Goodreads members (who may be writers, or just overly-impassioned fans) have set up a website, specifically dedicated to ‘outing’ those reviewers, terming them ‘bullies’ and tacitly encouraging other people to stalk and harass them online and in their real off-line lives. The irony, it burns. OK then – is the principle being established here is that the cure for bullying is … more bullying?

Eileen: people are bullying bloggers who bully authors. This site,, is attacking people who supposedly bully authors on Goodreads. Okay, maybe some people do bully authors on Goodreads, but that author sometimes decides to attack back. Which is so wrong because authors are supposed to be professionals, and so are bloggers. This is why so many people are afraid to work with indie authors. An author one time told me take down my two and a half star review, which was basically like three stars (which in my book is still pretty good) and told me “they couldn’t visit my blog anymore.”

Brie at Romance Around the Corner: Even before the creation of the StGRB site, the phrase “be nice” kept showing every time there was a drama associated to a negative review. And I kept wondering what “be nice” means. Is it just writing positive, good reviews? Is it not calling attention to authors/bloggers behaving badly? Is it possible to write a negative nice review? More important, do we have to be nice?

Kat Kennedy at Cuddlebuggery: And with rampant wankery in mind, we present to you Stop The Goodread’s Bullies website.

Lindsey Roth Culli: If you want to call people out for being anonymous “bullies” (face it, y’all are really using the term “bully” as a general catch-all term for douchebag or asshole… because “bully” as an actual term with an agreed upon meaning requires an imbalance of power and, this being the internet? and these being anonymous amateur reviewers? there’s not really a power struggle going on. It’s not as if Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen are disguising themselves behind peter pan avatars here) well, then, you better hold yourselves to the standard your want to hold other to as well.

Tommy Ingram: The claim of the StGRB folks is that these reviews constitute “bullying” of the authors, and they respond quite harshly, in some cases posting names, addresses, and even information about where their target “bully” can be found at certain times of day. This is interesting to me as a sometime amateur book reviewer (though not one who uses Goodreads, luckily). You see, from a quick glance over the StGRB site, most of the “bullies” they respond to have written reviews that are objectively quite tame, for amateur Internet critics.

Claire Simpson: A website, ironically named StoptheGRbuillies has recently been set up, seemingly with the sole purpose of ‘outing’ GoodReads reviewers – basically, if you give a bad review of a book then you are fair game for this website, which has a staff who seemingly have nothing better to do with their time that Google reviewers, dig up personal details, photos, addresses and post them online.

Alisha Cunningham at Dear Constant Reader: It would be like any other day, except that I can’t concentrate on what should be an enjoyable book. I keep thinking about Lucy, and The Holy Terror, Kat, and Ridley. I keep thinking about what I have to assume is a very messed up author and her revenge bullying, vindictive nature. I’m thinking about the bullshit site that is